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Coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2

In light of recent events, please be informed that the ALBILEX range includes disinfectants made up of specially stabilized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in various concentrations (3-50%) with and without silver ions (Ag). These can be applied using a sprayer such as our ALBILEX®-SUPER-Fogger to disinfect rooms and surfaces, or applied using pressure sprayers, low pressure sprayers, or manually onto the surface which needs disinfecting.

Please contact us for more information on these product groups: ALBILEX®-SUPER-des (hydrogen peroxide in various concentrations with silver ions) or ALBILEX®-DESTO (hydrogen peroxide in various concentrations without silver ions). The following products are also especially popular at this time: ALBILEX®-SUPER-3 (rated “very good” dermatologically) and ALBILEX®-Destofix, both based on 3% hydrogen peroxide for rapid disinfection.

We develop and manufacture cleaning and disinfecting agents for various industries and applications as well as pre- and post-treatment chemicals for the galvano industry.

We do this at our headquarters in Usingen near Frankfurt/Main since over 60 years.


In 1957, when Otto Albishausen & Co. KG was established, the main focus initially centred on developing and producing detergents specifically suited to the railway companies (i.e. Deutsche Bundesbahn). In doing so, we were able to build up a reputation as a market dominating company over several decades.

As the years went by, our range of cleaning and disinfectant agents was extended to cover the municipal water supply, pipeline construction, swimming pools, buildings and the galvano technique of the jewellery and electronics industry.

In 2015, we rebranded ourselves as ALBILEX GmbH & CO. KG.

Looking forward to your visit at the following customized landing pages:

www.albilex.info – Products for cleaning and disinfecting drinking water installations

www.antitarnish.info – Products for the pre- and post-treatment (passivation) of metal surfaces


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